Storytime: My Favorite Childhood Memory

You know how we all have a childhood, right? I feel like mine was decent, to say the least. Anyways, today I am going to answer what my favorite childhood memory is… and then my brain wandered off to think about age, what is a memory, and so on.


Then I figured it’s any memory that you can think of that you classify as childhood. Ok, boom got it!

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My favorite childhood memory is when I was like 2 years old, and my sister (bless her heart) put me in a laundry basket.. Now, before you click out continue reading.. it gets better I promise!!


Back story, I couldn’t walk until I was 4. I was diagnosed with cerepal palsy because of this condition. Long story short, I had surgery to help me walk. Let’s see if I can describe it in the best way possible. The doctors had to cut my Achilles tendon because I only walked on my knees or tip toe, never flat foot. Shout out to the SHRINERS HOSPITAL for the help to learn how to walk!! I had to have braces on my legs for like 6 months, so I wasn’t able to move much.


Forward to when I was like 2.5 years old, my sister put me in a laundry basket. Guys, I kid you not; I LOVED this thing!! xD I’d just sit and chill in a laundry basket for no reason.


The moral of the story: your child may like a laundry basket possibly more than the new toy on the market. 🀣 No shame in a simple laundry basket. I love my sisters and my parents to death because without them; I wouldn’t be walking today. I have surpassed a lot of milestones in my life. Thanks family!!


Bonus: Just because you thought your childhood was crap, doesn’t mean your adulthood will be. Keep in touch with your family as much as possible! You never know will happen to them. Love them anyways. πŸ’•

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